Bio: A refugee from an alien dimension, Shatterstar was genetically engineered to excel at gladiatorial battles for the entertainment of his creators. He broke free of his slavery and escaped to this universe, where he became a member of X-Factor. His mastery of hand-to-hand combat is enhanced by his mutant ability to convert sonic waves into vibratory energy.

Class: Tactican and Scrapper


1> Blade Master - Attacks against Tenderized targets Ignore Defense and have high chance to crit 2> Extreme Reflexes - Has a chance to generate Mirror Images when targeted by single-target attacks 3> Bloodshed - Shatterstar's attacks do extra damage against bleeding targets. 4> Berserker (only effective with other Horsemen costumes) - a. Chance to join in on an ally's attack b. chance to retaliate when an ally is attacked by single-target attack


L1 - Slaughter (all enemies, melee) STEALTHY- applies 2X Pain + 2X Bleeding L2 - Culling (1 enemy, melee) EXPLOITS SHIELDS + TRUE STRIKE - applies Tenderized, Shield Breaker, Impaired, Disoriented. L6 - Red Horse (1 enemy, melee) DEADLY CRITS, EXPLOITS PROTECTION, EXPLOITS TENDERIZED - applies Dizzy, Broken Will L9 - Gladiatorial Carnage (1 enemy, melee) - grants Gladiatorial Carnage to Shatterstar

Tactican unlocked When: Purchasing For 60 CP

Scrapper unlocked When: Purchasing For 60 CP