Shifting lockbox

Mystique sprite and her lockbox

Shifting lockbox

Bio: A mutant shapeshifter able to assume any humanoid appearance, Raven Darkholme achieved top-secret Defense Department clearance and used it to steal technology for the use of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is also mother to the X-Men's Nightcrawler.

Class: Infiltrator

Buffs: Shifting Target- High crit resistance against Slashing and gun attacks. Chance to counter single target attacks as an X-man.

Isotope Doping- When recharging, will Use isotope doping, which will make mystique: - Regenerate health for 2 turns. - Get a chance to take extra turns When attacked. - Immune to Poison, bio attacks, and iso-8 corruption. - Take reduced Damage from psycic attacks. -This lasts for 2 rounds.

Moveset: L1 - Multi-Function L1 - a - Gunshot (1 enemy, ranged) - applies 3X Pain + Lock On L1 - b - Million Bullets (All Enemies, ranged) - (starts cooled down) applies Pain Train + ISO8 Corruption X2, grants Rising Up to allies (2 rounds cooldown)

L2 - Kick Combo (1 enemy, melee) - (starts cooled down) applies Flanked + Fumbling, grants Mystique Finest Hour (2 rounds cooldown)

L6 - Redoubled Efforts (all allies, buff) - Grants Breakthrough to all allies. grants an extra turn to all allies. Mystique & her Allies attack more relentlessly after losing one team member (2 rounds cooldown)

L9 - Shapeshift (1 enemy, melee) - Mystique may shapeshift into select members of the X-Men and use one Physical attack applying the same debuffs on her opponent as the X-Man she shifts into.

ALTS: Pestique AND Modern Mystique

Recruited When: You have completed the Shifting Collection By opening Shifting Lockboxes.